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Success Coaching

Coaching can help you experience a change for the better


What Is Success Coaching?

As your Success Coach, I work with you as a dedicated mentor who provides knowledgeable support, encouragement and challenging guidance to help you grow and achieve results in the midst of professional, business, or personal transition.

Here’s how it works:

Our first meeting focuses on your particular personal and/or professional goals and your development priorities, clarifying the coaching process, and beginning a collaborative coaching partnership. You also receive the success coaching packet that contains the coaching agreement and a number of assessment tools and feedback instruments that help us get off to a strong and focused start.

During our initial period of 90 days, we meet for two to three 45-60 minute sessions per month to do "the work" of coaching. These are process and progress sessions by telephone or by video. In these sessions, we work on the goals you have set. We discuss your accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities. We develop action plans and strategies during most sessions to move you further toward your goals. We talk about your outcomes and action plans from previous sessions and detail your "next steps".

Approximately every 30 days, we review your process and progress. We assess whether you are reaching your goals and how well the coaching process is working for you. This is a time to make course corrections, as needed.  And after you achieve your initial goals, you may decide that you are complete or you may have new "stretch" goals to keep you firmly on the path of growth and development.

Is Success Coaching Right For You?

  • I spend more than 10% of my time putting out fires in my work

  • The same problems/issues continue to surface in my life.

  • I feel I could be doing so much more with my life.

  • My business is running me rather than me operating my business.

  • I am considering a career change or I want to go to the next level in my career.

  • I have trouble finding someone I trust to give me an objective view.

  • I am too much of a lone ranger.

  • I experience a lack of work/life balance.

  • I lack a clear, measurable action plan to fulfill my goals.

  • I lack the structure I need to get things done in my life or business.

  • I don’t have a sense of fulfillment in my life and/or work.

  • I am willing to be truthful about where I am in order to reach my goals.

  • I am willing to hear and act on another's viewpoint.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, even one or two of them, you can likely benefit from Success Coaching.

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