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When people seek therapy, it is because they want to experience a change for the better. You may want to solve a particular problem, make a difficult decision, or understand what is happening within yourself or in your relationship with others.

TransformationWorks® provides a safe space for healing, personal growth, and empowerment by utilizing a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches to help you develop creative pathways to change.


Psychological Distress

  • Depression

  • Low Self-Esteem/Insecurity

  • Anxiety

  • Specific Fears

  • PTSD/Trauma Resolution

  • Workplace Issues

Transition and Change

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Loss and Grieving

  • Identity Concerns

  • Full Potential Development

  • Personal Growth Issues

  • Stage of Life Transitions

  • Design Your Best Retirement

Relationships with Others

  • Couple/Marital Issues

  • Professional Relationships

  • Issues in the Workplace

  • Social Anxiety

Psychological Evaluations

Chemical Dependency Evaluations

Evaluations for Career Selection and Development

What You Can Expect

In our first session, we talk about the problems or concerns that are prompting you to seek psychotherapy. We talk about your background in order to understand your concerns within the context of your current life and your life history. We develop an initial plan for working together based on what you would like to be different in your life as a result of participating in psychotherapy.

Following the initial session, we usually meet once a week for a period of time to work on your problems or concerns. My goal in working with you, as your therapist, is to help you resolve your problems, make better, healthier life decisions, and live a more fulfilling life. I offer you insights and help you choose what is best for you. I utilize a variety of psychotherapy approaches to help you develop creative pathways for growth and transformation.

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